Pain Beam Weapons For Homeland Police

Thanks to a decision by the Pentagon in 2007 to not deploy their Active Denial System in Iraq, unwilling Iraqi test subjects were spared the further insult, indignity, and humiliation of possibly having their insides heated while sitting in their homes.

Senior officers in Iraq have continued to make the case. One December 2006 request noted that as U.S. forces are drawn down, the non-lethal weapon "will provide excellent means for economy of force."

Russian Missile Crisis

As chemical weapons were being tossed outside this weeks G8 summit in Germany, presidents Bush and Putin put on a show that only a fight promoter representing both sides would be proud of.  Plans for US missile defence bases in countries bordering Russia to defend from Iranian missiles drew public ire from Russias political caravan.  Both parties did forget to mention however that Iranian missiles could not make it a third of the way to Poland (one of the possible base locations) let alone threaten the US mainland.

SUVs or Dinner

The use of local police and military to brutalize anyone standing in the way of "progress" has been a tool used to suppress organized opposition for centuries.  In South America, police reaction to peaceful demonstrations against then proposed and now agreed upon biofuel deal with the United States offers a glimpse at how multinational corporate agendas are being enforced worldwide.  

All Roads Lead To North American Union?

In Texas, advanced planning is underway for the construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor that when completed could serve as the first leg of the NAFTA superhighway (aptly named after the North America Free Trade Agreement).  In a move that angers transport unions the "NAFTA Superhighway" would allow foreign transports and their lower paid brethren to deliver their cargo into the US before reaching customs and immigration controls at an inland port in Kansas City.  

The Great Recycling Hoax

The city of Toronto’s recycling program has become such a success that companies are lining up to take away its citizens recyclables. Over packaging of consumer products, the reason why recycling programs were needed in the first place, have opened up lucrative opportunities where the spoils only go to the winning suitor. Excess packaging creates the need for recycling programs and spawns the industries and marketing campaigns that profit from it.

MRI Records Brain Activity During Super Bowl Commercials

Viewing the racks of magazines and candy while in line at the grocery store checkout has always conjured up images of monkeys being flashed color cards while researchers observe and record what the electrodes implanted in their brains report (in my head at least).

The result of that research is the colorful display laid out in front of my captive eyes.  It seems to make me crave some over-processed, diabetes inducing edible substance. Or, attempts to implant thoughts about some pop culture creation that I obviously need to care more about.

A View From Occupied Palestine

These two videos are unlikely to make an appearance on your local newscast but reflect the daily reality faced by Palestinians under occupation.  Western media outlets constantly bombard us with imagery of stone throwing youths and armed militants, while completely ignoring the occupying troops in sniper posts, APCs, and tanks keeping watch in the distance. 

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